Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday: Thanksgiving Pallet

The Wickstroms are prepping for the holidays by DIETING. Yuck, right? But the blimp look doesn't suit us so if it means salads instead of cookies, that's the sacrifice we'll make.

Today I'm sporting festive colors:

Thanksgiving Pallet

- rust cardigan with ruffle details, lace bow and botanical buttons
- chocolate brown silk chiffon blouse with embroidered waistband and floaty hem
- brown cami
- dark wash fitted jeans with front seam
- bronze metallic leather snake-embossed kitten heels
- ruby and crystal drop earrings
- (winter white pea coat with lime green and pink lining)
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1 comment:

ashleymcnair said...

Becky--I love seeing your different outfits everyday! They are always so cute! You are inspiring me to try to be a little more creative with my wardrobe. Thanks!