Wednesday, November 14, 2007

but what are YOU wearing?

By now we're all WELL aware of the extent of my narcissism. And although I promise this is a science experiment, FORCING ME to wear more of my clothes, you can think whatever you like (as long as it's complimentary toward me).

It won't surprise you to discover I have SUPER stylish friends. What's more, they send me lovely, illustrative e-mail messages, like the one your about to read.

So now it's your turn. Friends (or blog happener-uponers), I'M TALKING TO YOU! Send me pictures (camera phone quality encouraged) and an outfit recap and YOU TOO can share your style with the ENTIRE WORLD (or at least those who frequent this, the most fabulous corner of the interweb).

This morning we went to an organic dairy farm with my family (2 sisters are in town visiting with their kids), so the urban cowgirl within was calling. This morning I put together an ensemble that just might be experiment worthy and on a budget that I must say is one of my personal bests.

- grey Calvin Klein "wrangler" style jeans ($10 at the outlets)
- non-chunky Dr. Marten brown leather boots with wrap around leather straps and tassel ($50 in NYC)
- dusty blue fitted v-neck H&M sweater ($10)
- crushed suede brown leather jacket ($20 at a discount store in Vienna)
The picture doesn't do the outfit justice, especially since the jacket hides the cutest part of the jeans (the pockets), but you get the idea. Humor me at least! You should get some level of satisfaction knowing that your blog is inspiring women across the country to put a little more thought into their outfits each morning!


You are one HOTTTT Tamale! Talk about BANG FOR THE BUCK! Your endorsement check is in the mail.


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