Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wednesday: Jump(er) for Joy

This morning, walking outside feels like standing under a misting hut at the state fair, but for once I'm not so grumpy. Thank the heavens for Remi, my AMAZING French hairstylist who shears my hair with such precision that even wave-inducing mist cannot ruin it. Most of the time. Okay, maybe just not today.

Jump(er) for Joy

- raisin jersey three-quarter-sleeve tee
- black corduroy jumper with corset seaming at the bust and waist, and pockets (I'm a sucker for dresses with pockets)

- raw-edge cropped gray wool cardigan
- heather gray opaque tights

- grey, black and red plaid (!) ballet flats

- black silhouette necklace

- red rose studs
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