Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday: Post-Thanksgiving Stretch

I hope you recovered from your tryptophan-induced turkey coma (okay, fine. The carbs are the culprit, but the scientific lingo sounds much more official and menacing). We had a fantastic celebration in Connecticut with Chris' family. The real triumph, though, is that we didn't die nor did we kill each other whilst stuck in traffic on the dirty Jersey Turnpike (from HELL).

So today, I'm wearing what any respectable girl wears after the meal of the year:

Post-Thanksgiving Stretch

- Aqua, olive and chocolate brown knee-length jersey dress with empire-waist seaming and chocolate brown double wrap sash
- brown three-strand beaded necklace

- brown textured tights
- bronze metallic leather snake-embossed kitten heels

- charcoal nails (I can't get enough of dark nails these days!)
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charlotteharris said...

Hi, I have been reading your fashion posts regularly lately, and love your style! You have fabulous taste in clothes. But what I really want to know is what makeup do you use? It always looks perfect too!

becky said...

Hi Charlotte - WELCOME to my little piece of Internet nonsense! YAY for fashion (or at least trying to be fashionable)!

To answer your question, I love makeup. Let's just say that if I'm in a mall with Sephora, someone better hide my wallet. I come from a long line of make up divas, so it's in my blood.

Here's a basic rundown of my favorite makeup routine (if you want more info about specific products/techniques, e-mail me).

- Prescriptives tinted moisturizer
- Aveda translucent loose powder
- Nars bronzer/blush
- Mac shadows in shimmery nude, warm brown and charcoal tones
- Lorac maximum volume mascara
- Mac black liquid liner
- Nars lipstick in a berry
- Laura Mercier lip gloss