Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Stop rolling your eyes

I think little pregnancy elves were whispering in my parents ears before I was conceived saying, "I know you're trying to get pregnant, but let's not run all willy nilly. Work for a summer birth near no major holidays. Trust us, you'll be thankful in the long run. Remember -- SUMMER BIRTH."

And being such wise adults, they heeded the elverly (new word, write it down) advice. For the most part, they were grateful, because we can all agree if I was the Wickstrom with the December 22nd birthday, NO ONE WOULD BE SMILING, least of all my parents.

Chris got to open his presents from me early. But I can't be too jealous because my birthday gets stretched out for

Check out Chris' early 31st birthday festivities:
Nothing says HAPPY BIRTHDAY like cute gift wrap and coordinating ribbon. Chris loved the brown ribbon/aqua paper, so I guess we can extrapolate that he loves Martha Stewart - why doesn't he marry her?!

The hand-selected birthday meal included Trader Joe's pizza margarita, sparkling limeade and soft Australian licorice. Good call, Chris.

Oh, gee. Surprise, surprise - Becky bought Chris clothes. What a shock!

And shoes. But to my credit, they're Golas which are Chris' FAVORITE. Plus, they're gray suede. UBER CHIC!
Yah, I know. He already knew about/opened/played this present, but I wrapped it anyway (if only to prevent time-wasting during finals. Now that I think about it that's not a bad strategy. Next time we're busy and need to focus, I'll just wrap our distractions. Problem solved).

Check out Chris the Rockstar in action. But ask him who's better at Guitar Hero (mwahahaha)!

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Mason and Erika said...

I like the wrapping the distractions idea. We'd have a wrapped television, fridge, garage, computer (oh wait, maybe that won't work out...).

Okay, so I have an assignment for you. I have 5 months to plan a graduation party for my husband, and I need your help. I want it to be one of those super cool ones where everything ties together and ... well... I want it to be as if YOU threw the party. So ideas? Email me :)

Staci said...

Love the wrapping paper! Especially the brown and aqua!

Kari & Kijsa said...

Happy Birthday! & Merry Christmas -wow- this is a busy month! looks like a great time!

kari & kijsa

Anonymous said...

Who's better at Guitar Hero? It had to be asked. :) LOVE the polka dotted paper personally, of course! Hope your holidays were happy!