Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tuesday: Updated Classics

Poor Chris. He's constantly at the mercy of my lectures about fashion ("Here's the thing, Chris. You can wear brown and black together, but you need a chic sensibility to pull it off.") or decorating ("I'm loving Ikat print right now. I mean, don't you think it's organically modern?") or T.V. ("How much do you LOVE Michael Urie? I saw a preview for a new show he's hosting on TLC and I freaked out. Aren't you excited?!") or pantylines -- you get the point.

Last night the lecture topic was classics with a twist, because of this:

Updated Classics

- Classic white cotton button-down with three-quarter-length gathered sleeves, tuxedo-style ruffling, waist tie and flounce hem (see, classic, but with new and interesting details)
- Nubby gray tweed a-line skirt with front patch pockets (okay, okay, I'll shut up; you get the picture)

- Black sweater-texture tights
- Black pointy-toe black pumps

- Black silhouette necklace

- Over-sized pearl studs
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