Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wednesday: Wrap it UP!

I'm officially deeming Fall/Winter 2007 NO REPEAT SEASON (aka, no wearing the same outfit twice before Christmas. So far I've been successful, but can I keep up this craziness folks? Stay tuned).

Speaking of Christmas, I feel like a Christmas elf with all the wrapping, decorating and gift creation I'm doing (pictures to come). Chris would probably name me Grumpy the Elf (did I tell you about the time Chris dressed up as a giant man elf for a party? And wore YELLOW TIGHTS? Note to self: MUST. POST. PICTURES.) I would name myself Crafty the Grumpy Elf.

Anyway, speaking of wrapping:

Wrap it UP!

- Deep purple jersey knit wrap top with wide sash, slightly flounced sleeves and Elizabethan button detail
- Bias cut purple, brown and cream knee-length tweed menswear-inspired skirt with contrasting panels
- Cream heather cami with lace detail
- Gold-tone heart cluster pendant

- Amethyst drop earrings

- Chocolate brown opaque tights
- Brown knee-length boots

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