Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday Favorites: My very own Elf!

I have a lot of favorites, even more favorites than shoes (edit: comparison only valid in the dream life where I spend my days intermittently swimming in piles of money and climbing mountains of glorious shoes). Fridays are hereby dedicated to documenting my favorites.

Once upon a time, when my persuasive talents (read: manipulation tactics) were still relevant, I hatched a brilliant party plan. It was the first in what would become an illustrious movie-themed party-throwing career.

The movie of choice was fresh and new and starred a veritable legend among mere mortals. It also provided sufficient inspiration for decorations and treats, which included hand-cut snowflakes dripping from the entryway ceiling, classic Christmas decorations and mountains of SWEETS (I even displayed a few bottles of maple syrup and bowls of ABC gum).

But more fantastic than the treats, the cool decorations and even the perfect film was the party’s guest star. When our friends arrived, he surprised them with a hug and posed for a keepsake photo.
I was lucky enough to get a picture with the handsome guest. Buddy the Elf is my favorite. I hope he pays me another visit sometime soon!

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shaniqua said...

i LOVE elf. one of my most favorite movies of all time. you were lucky to have buddy in attendance at your party!

em said...

i really wish i could go to a party with buddy! you are the luckiest wife alive!

Em V. said...

That picture is fabulous!

Rachel said...

I had the privilege of being at THAT Party! It was the best EVER! You failed to mention that you also had a couple pieces of chewed up gum, in honor of Buddy! I am a proud owner of a personal picture with Buddy the Elf - yellow tights and all!
It's years later and I still tell my friends about that party. Becky, come back to Utah! (and bring buddy)

Harley said...

"By Chris-y, Good luck getting out of those tights," said in sonorous, throaty whale voice.