Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Favorites: Zombie back rubs

Weird things happen when you don't get enough sleep, like this:

[I'm reading in bed; Chris is snoring]

Chris [sits up, eyes dilated]: The ELEPHANTS!

Me: What?

Chris [urgently]: I swear it was the ELEPHANTS!

Me: ....


Me: Honey are you sleeping?

Chris: No, I mean...what?

[Chris rolls over, commences snoring]

Or this:

[I'm watching a movie in the living room]

Chris [yelling from the bedroom]: Jishrell menveo blah (indecipherable) meh you IRON bravelop pandjel (indecipherable) blah BOOM...

Or this:

[Middle of the night, Chris wakes up and climbs out of bed; I wake up and roll over. Chris crosses the room to my side of the bed and, suddenly, he is towering over me like a zombie. He peels back the sheet and starts rubbing my back]

Me [groggy and puzzled]: What are you doing?

Chris: I'm rubbing your back.

Me: Why?

Chris: I'm rubbing your back.

Me: Are you sleeping?

Chris: Um, er, scoot over. I want to sleep on your side of the bed.

Me: ...

I should be more observant, because these experiences left me with a lot of questions. How did the ELEPHANTS get a speaking role in Chris' dream? Did Chris develop a secret sleep language so he could chew me out without repercussions?

And really, if I kept my mouth shut, how long would Chris keep rubbing my back?

Because now that I think about it, middle-of-the-night zombie back rubs are my favorite.

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Merianne said...

LOLOL! Oh my gosh, that was so funny. It was funny because it's something I would do in my sleep. Dan gets freaked out at my sleep talk.

shaniqua said...

the part about him giving you a back rub cracked me up. why can't be husband be a sleep-walking back rubber? you're lucky.

heidi said...

so, where did you find the gwen-like hoodie? i am really into animal print right now( for me and my baby. what is the fit like? i need to know!!!
i miss your daily fashion updates...

Rachel said...

Oh that is hilarious! You guys crack me up. I have done some things like that, but luckily Joel doesn't post too regularly on our blog. Keep us posted on any more Zombie happenings!

jessica said...

ohh're so funny picturing chris doin all that made me wanna pee my pants laughing! :)

Harley said...

Can I please get a zombie rub?