Thursday, January 03, 2008

How tacky (?)

It's January 3.

Ask me if I sent my Christmas cards yet.
Ask me if we took professional pictures so the Christmas card wouldn't be too scary.
Ask me if I ordered special "insert" cards to include a lengthy hand-written "message" for friends and family.
Ask me if Chris narrowly escaped death at my hands due to his
incessant wining about hand-writing the message.
Ask me if I finished addressing the cards on the plane home from Colorado.
Ask me if there is a giant pile of white, card-shaped envelopes littering my coffee table.

P.S. Ask me if I have a massive, as-yet-unpacked suitcase on my kitchen floor.

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Harley said...

Ask me if it sounds like B. Wickstrom has been super busy.


becky said...

Awww, Harley. Your sympathy is divine. Just remember how you're feeling now when you receive your Wickstrom Christmas card in February.

Nothing says Happy Valentine's Day (no really, it doesn't) like belated Christmas cards.