Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday Favorites: February Easter

Every year in (late) January, I transfer birthdays, holidays and dates of importance from my old, used-up calendar to my freshly purchased, inky-smelling new calendar. It's quite the process. But once complete, my New Year is officially underway. Even if the date of transfer is January 22. Or 28. Or February 7.

My mom taught me the date-transferring trick. She also taught me to include ages by birthdays on the calendar (month-long age humiliation is awesome). And that a phone can become an appendage over time. (Dear Mom, GET CALL WAITING!)

You would think my organizational, calendar-recording prowess would result in timely cards and packages.

You would think.

But then you would investigate and discover that in addition to (very, very late Christmas) Happy January cards, my sister-in-law received her birthday present sometime this summer. (Where did March go anyway?) And Angelica's baby present? Still sitting in my guest room. (October really cruised by this year!)

Lucky for me, belated gifting runs in the family. Which is kinda awesome, because who doesn't love presents in the middle of June?

Except now my sister-in-law is becoming proactive. She's raising the bar and frankly, it's gonna take a lot more than calendar updating for me to compete.

Happy Easter cards/gifts on February 6 are my favorite!

P.S. Dear Sister-in-Law: Cat cards = getting their own gilded frame and wall space. And my life is now complete because I own one of these. You are a genius!

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Gel said...

I told you that you didn't need to send us a baby gift. We are all the same,I think this year I will be better at sending cards and then I resolve to being happy if I can remember to call on their birthday. Hope you're doing good. Love ya

Beach Bum Marcie said...

I love cats :) love love love them. :)