Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Pep in my step™

I'm not a particularly lucky person (aside from being lucky my husband has stuck around so long, lucky I have a normal shoe size and can purchase hoards of gorgeous footwear, lucky to live at the crossroads of three giant Anthropologies, lucky to often find Costco stocked with giant packages of string cheese...).

But yesterday, I got a message saying I won a dress of my choosing from one of my favorite bloggers!

This was definitely the news to put the pep in my April step™.

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heidi said...

i am so completely jealous for these three reasons:
a. i entered that contest.
b. that is the dress i would have picked.
c. i didn't win.

also, i was friends with rachel of blackeiffel in college. you would think that would make me cool by association, but it does not.

Rachel said...

Congrats! I didn't even know about that company, they have such cute dresses!

Jessica F. said...

I can't get enough of you or your blog! The dress looks adorable!!!

becky said...

Heidi -- Knowing Rachel might not make you cool by association, but need I remind you that you're now cyber-acquainted with, ahem, yours truly? And as such, you're totally cool enough to borrow my new dress!

Rachel -- Yay for cute modest dresses, no?

Jessica -- I'm CRAZY about you. I love the little secret you told me on Tuesday night -- we are such kindred spirits.

shaniqua said...

in the words of napoleon (dynamite, not bonaparte)...luuucky!

Mirabelle said...

Good choice on the dress, fashionable, stylish, conservative and figure flattering.

I'm so glad my nephew found you (or visa versa) you crack me up!

Hey the sheet thing bothers me too, it's something husbands just don't seem to understand. No the wide band on the sheet goes at the head of the bed, no can't you see that the stiching on the comforter should be going lenghwise? Not to mention untucked sheets that get wrapped around my legs at night!

I guess husbands need to go to bedmaking 101... or we need to shut up and just be glad someone else made the bed.


Mirabelle said...

I can't believe that everything I typed went away!

Ok, Becky you are not the only one with the bed sheet pet peeve thing. Husbands just don't get it, live with it. I try to bite my tounge, but every once and a while it comes out. But honey, can't you see the wide band on the sheet should be at the head of the bed? The stitching on the comforter should go lengthwise! Not to mention the untucked sheet thing that gets tangled around my legs at night. Good thing he doesn't complain as easily as I do. Maybe I should just shut up and be glad that he made the bed.

Love you both, I'm so glad my nephew found you (or visa versa) you crack me up!

Definitely you should try to get on the idol program, and yes you do need an understanding person to watch that program with you if you are that into it.