Monday, April 07, 2008

We were out of the country

Chris' mom has been planning an exciting trip to Japan so we decided to join her. Or did she join us?

While you enjoy a photo recap, I'll be kimono-clad, munching on sushi and fanning myself with chopsticks (Why must I always fan myself?).

We began with a deductible meal at Bangkok 54, which put us in the spirit for our trip. Maybe you haven't heard, but Thai is practically Japanese. I mean, we used chopsticks! (P.S. Best Thai food in town!)

Unfortunately, due to horrible allergies/overall crummy stomach and head issues, I was unable to participate in the first outing. But you won't be surprised to learn more of these were involved. See?
Linda took pause to contemplate the meaning of life (and pose for pictures) in the lush Japanese gardens.
Feeling at one with nature, Chris and Linda wandered through magnolia fields (I wasn't there, but since this was a Japanese trip and all, I'm betting they were lotus flower trees).
And took pictures to make other people wish they could sit under a (lotus flower/)magnolia tree on a cozy bench and daydream (about Japan).
Day 2 began with a stroll through fiery tulip fields.
Very flame-like and Japanese-ish.
Next, we admired a forest of fanciful Japanese cherry blossom trees.
(Hey, how did President Jefferson get to Japan?)

Anyway, we also enjoyed the sweet aroma of (Japanese?) crabapple trees.
Then we stood at the shore of a large lake and posed by a tower for a few more pictures.
Overall, a very peaceful, fragrant, floral and Japanese weekend was had by all!

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Gel said...

I'm so glad that she got to come and visit you. I'm sure it was so much fun.

Rachel said...

Hi Becky, I couldn't find your contact info. to email you, but you won the Mika Rose Dress! Email me your address and size and I'll get that shipped out to you.

Merianne said...

You are so clever in your posts. I would have just posted the pictures and put a lame label underneath each one. I love your blog!!