Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Six words


If I survive the excitement, joy and total dream fulfillment, discussion and analysis tomorrow!

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Chris said...

Just ask Becky about "The Jazz Singer," and then you will truly understand her level of devotion to Neil.

heidi said...

i don't watch american idol, but i will for neil diamond. i feel like jumping when i hear coming to america.

eileen said...

i'll totally be watching! just like everyother tuesday...
who knew that we are down to a 20% chance of a mormon winning the show!?
so...calvin has been asking about you, and wants to schedule a play date. however, we will be galaventing about the country visiting both sets of grandparents, so we'll have to schedule you in for the end or may, or june. (we will be gone so long, that tonight will be the last AI tuesday we watch in DC.
go neil diamond!

Wendy Weiler King said...

I grew up on Neil b/c my Mom is a huge fan. We were glued last and I remembered how much I LOVE his stuff. Can't wait to hear your analysis.

Mirabelle said...

Hey did I ever tell you MY Neil Diamond story? The ONLY time I ever WON anything, I won tickets to the Neil Diamond concert. (radio call in thing at 7am... listening to the radio, wishing I could roll over and go back to sleep, etc., they played a trivia thing. Hey, I know the answer, quick where's the phone. Now usually when this happens the phone rings and rings and either nobody picks up, or the pick up and say, sorry somebody already won or you are the 10th caller. But this time they asked me my name, and other identifying information, then they asked the question and yes, I already told you I KNEW the answer. Well, I went right down and picked up those tickets, and they entered me into the grand prize drawing. Forgot about that completely until oneday my phone at my desk rang (yes in the office) and I was the lucky grand prize winner! So I got to wear my DIAMOND BRACELET to the Neil Diamond concert. We have yet to use the weekend getaway at the Brass Heart Inn. (that was the year I got sick)