Thursday, April 24, 2008


In search of American Idol-watching

  • Must be willing to dissect performances, comment on musicality and fashion nuance, and judge the judges.

  • Must be articulate and agreeable.

  • Must keep rewinding and reviewing complaints to a minimum.

  • Must be able to draw elaborate connections between performances and the purpose of life.

  • Must voice strong opinions about outfit and hair styling.

  • Must possess a love-hate relationship with the show (and watch solely to fulfill a need for cultural awareness).

  • Must agree with 100 percent of my views and opinions.

  • Must talk little, but listen much and nod in agreement at my thoughtful and valid evaluations.

  • Must offer generous praise and approval of my opinions during pausing breaks.

  • Must comply with no-talk regulations (except during pausing breaks).

  • Must be amiable to pausing breaks.

  • Must encourage me to participate in a future season of the show.

  • Must be named something other than CHRIS.
Interested parties may leave their name and favorite contestant in the comments.

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Merianne said...

Oh my gosh! LOL! Becky, you are so funny! I love the relationship you have with Chris. It's so real (and reminds me so much of mine and Dan's). :)

Gel said...

I would love to be your idol watching companion.. See thats why we need to live close again so we can watch that and the Office again. We are loving this season!!Wish we were close so we could enjoy it together. Love ya!!! Tell Chris that I'm sure hes doing the best he can!!!

Rachel said...

I would like to apply, I would be a good companion because currently I do not watch the show, so you could train me into whatever you want. Plus, I have a connection, the Chris kid and I went to the same high school, go Blue Springs South! (he's still on the show...right?)
I think you remember the good Gilmore Girl's companion I used to be, right?!

Chris said...

Don't let Becky fool you guys. She's just mad at me because I always vote for the dreadlock guy.

Anonymous said...

(i was about to say, I'll be your guy IF we vote for and pull for Dreads)

Kelsey and Dave said...

I would like to apply as well, but distance requires that I'll have to resort to texting you about Paula's hideous outfits instead.

Devin + Sang + Chase said...

Becky - where have you been all my life?!?! (Errr, or just during all of this season of American Idol!) I have been looking for a similiar companion with whom to watch/discuss said show! Granted, I do have Devin, (whom I am grateful to say watches alongside me) but he just doesn't appreciate the show on all the levels that I do. I would have to say that my best qualification as your potential Idol companion is that I also share your love/hate relationship with the show. For example - why is M.J. gone?! What a voice! Anyhow, I could go on and on about my feelings for each contestant; however, I will wait to share them until you choose me to watch with you. Nevermind that I don't even live in the same state as you...

becky said...

You're all hired! We shall watch (unfortunately in our own houses) and discuss via the glorious Internet.

And remember. Every group needs a Simon. ;)