Monday, May 12, 2008

Friday Favorites: Monday Edition

Remind me to tell you about my insane week! And how I'm never volunteering to serve EVER. EVER. AGAIN.

Anyway, back to Friday Favorites -- or Monday Favorites -- or, better yet, MOMDAY Favorites.

Did you know I'm a big fan of Mother's Day? Big!

I love creating thoughtful (read: glue-y, sparkly, macaroni noodle-y, yarn-y) cards for mom and grandma.

I love how church leaders ask all the women to stay seated after the first meeting so a gaggle of 12-year-old, khaki clad boys can awkwardly distribute wilted flowers that stand no chance of survival during the remaining two hours of church.

I love thinking about my awesome mom, grandmas, mother-in-law, friends, neighbors, teachers and honoring their contributions to my life.

Since I've been married, I've fallen in love with Mother's Day all over again. It's partly because I'm married to the man of my dreams (everyone together: "Awwwww.") who will someday make me a mother (some days I already feel like a mother -- Dearest Husband: Please put your whites in the white pile and your jeans in the jean pile!).

But also because Mother's Day was the holiday that launched my love affair with a little shop I call HEAVEN. In the early days, it marked my once-a-year outfit purchase from Anthropologie (No, Chris, we can't go back to the way things were -- STOP ASKING!). What could make a girl feel more feminine and gorgeous on her very own national holiday?!

This year, Mr. Wickstrom upheld his Anthropologie outfit-buying tradition. See?
The outfit was just the beginning.

Early Sunday morning, Chris presented me with my Mother's Day card:
I've made my feelings about Master Diamond abundantly clear so you can imagine my response when I opened the card to reveal:
That's right. The Wickstroms are going to see Neil Diamond, live in concert. I can die a happy, happy woman (note: please bury me in one of my cute Anthropologie outfits).

Mr. Wickstrom also made me (and our friends) dinner -- Cafe Rio salads and an amazing, decadent, lavish raspberry trifle.
Oh and we set the table with my grandmother's vintage tulip table cloth. Mother's Day is without a doubt my favorite!

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lacochran said...

I've come to the conclusion that there's not enough trifle in my life. What to do... what to do...

Glad you got trifle and a fine looking one at that.

Wendy Weiler King said...

jealousy! darling skirt, darling Chris, FABULOUS NEIL!

Rachel said...

WoW! Very impressive! Chris outdid himself! That dessert looks delicious! I guess I will comfort myself with the fact that I can actually go to Cafe Rio and get a salad...well that doesn't quite cut it I guess.
Great outfit!

eileen said...

i'm currently in utah and just took a trip to cafe rio. i have to say, you really do have their salads down perfect!!!

Jessica F. said...

FUN! Chris has so many hidden talents that I just keep hearing more and more about!
Thank you so much for the other night. You were truly amazing! I greatly appreciate all the work you put into it....THANK YOU!!!!

Gel said...

Oh how I miss that desert and you know Tyler misses it way more than me!! He loves it!! I think Chris forgot one present... a trip to come and see me!! Happy late Mothers Day!