Tuesday, July 08, 2008

T-minus three days

Starting today, I'm recounting my favorite birthday bashes as a countdown to Friday, 7-11 (wink, wink). Stay tuned for a special birthday giveaway to one lucky reader.

Fourth Favorite Birthday Party:
Private Party at the Community Pool
- Age: almost annually during middle and high school
Guests: all of my closest friends (including the cutest boys in the school), about 30-40 people
Food: mom's homemade pizza, soda or lemonade, mom's homemade chocolate cake, munchies (usually peanut butter M&Ms sprinkled on a table decorated with a a birthday tablecloth, balloons and curly ribbon hanging from the chandelier)
Most memorable moment: The year my friend Scooter brought his pet tarantula (why?) and she was somehow knocked into the kiddie pool. Or the year I lit my hair on fire (all of my hair) blowing out the candles on an ice cream cake.
Why it's a favorite: Pool + cute boys + private party = awesome. And, I think I was the first in my town to host this kind of party, which made me extra cool. Right?
Your turn -- what's your most memorable birthday party?

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Chris said...

Gotta love the community pool. I spent many a summer afternoon at the public pool, but never a B-Day party.

Wendy Weiler King said...

I remember your posts of birthday pasts. I'm very anxious to read more. Happy Birthday Week!! You are one FABULOUS birthday girl.

mom said...

One of my favorite parties was in the 6th grade when my mom allowed me to invite 20 girls to my birthday party. She made me a big doll cake (angel food) and she made everyone their very own mini doll cake to take home. My fondest memories are of homemade food and homemade fun. It was the best! And, everyone thought my parties were the best. Guess I also remember that your parties were the best too. Love, mom

Holly said...

I want to go to your moms party! Can I count the lack of a birthday party as my most memorable? I think you know the story,umm, because it was only two weeks ago!! My poor husband...