Wednesday, July 09, 2008

T-minus two days

Day two of my Birthday countdown and just three days until a FANTASTIC giveaway of my TOP 5 can't-live-without items from 2008. Trust me, it's gonna be GOOD!

Third Favorite Birthday Party:
Backyard Luau
- Age: 19
- Guests: 30-40 of my closest friends (including a former missionary who not only served his mission in my hometown, but was also an object of my teenage crushing).
- Food: Hawaiian haystacks (of course), supercharged limeade (recipe includes an additional CUP of sugar), homemade chocolate cake and peanut butter m&ms
- Decor: We transformed my backyard into Hawaii (minus the palm trees, sand, ocean, resorts). Guests entered through an archway, which was trellised in exotic flowers, and were lei-ed (I thought this was hilarious at the time). We hung cutouts of fish, flowers and sealife in all of the trees, draped tiny white lights around the yard and borrowed lawn chairs from all of my neighbors. Tragically, it rained the entire party.
- Most memorable moment: I was so excited to see the aforementioned ex-missionary that I spent a week choosing the perfect outfit. When he walked through the door, though, all I could think was, "Are you the same person? Seriously?" He was not cute at all -- I guess I just had a crush on his suits.
- Why it's a favorite: My grandparents, parents and neighbors helped decorate the yard and we all had fun planning the bash. Plus, I was surrounded by a ton of people I love, which is my prerequisite for an awesome party!
Which is better -- a Hawaiian luau in Hawaii with a bunch of strangers or a backyard Hawaiian luau with all of your friends?

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Holly said...

Okay, so you kick off your trip to Hawaii with a bon voyage luau with all your friends, and then enjoy a luau in beautiful Hawaii with the strangers. Who says you can't have it all?

Ashley McNair said...

Becky, I can see your party planning skills have been developing for some time! How fun! I'd love either luau--backyard or beach! By the way, have you finished Eclipse? I was so sad when I finished the third book but the fourth is coming out soon! Have a great birthday this week!

Nickie said...

Becky, Never have been to Hawaii...personally, Alaska is a favorite destination for Dad and I.
Your luau was fun, but I seem to remember a stereo that didn't work as well after that rainy evening. I think your birthday is at the perfect time of year, as everyone needs and enjoys a get together with food, decor and fun. I remember that you sat under the deck with your friends, and were out of the rain, but got majorly dripped on from the deck above. Does everyone know what Hawaiian haystacks are? I just remember making about 10 quarts of rice!!! Way too much! Come visit again and we'll have another theme based birthday party. Remember when you had a halloween party at Strawberry park in Glenwood in July? The kids lovvved it and so did I. I am anxious to hear what the number one birthday party will be. I'm guessing.......... Love, Mom

Harley King said...

What Chris is thinking:
What do I get a Hottie who's seemingly got it all? Me, killer shoes, good friends, luau...

I know Chris's gift will be awesome.

Jessica F. said...

I think either would be perfect as long as YOU or Edward are there!

becky said...

So I think we should all go to Hawaii together and have a Luau. Perfect compromise, right?