Thursday, July 10, 2008

T-minus one day

The countdown continues -- I'll announce my FAVORITE BIRTHDAY PARTY (so far) tomorrow and details about the giveaway (featuring my top five can't-live-without items of 2008).

Second Favorite Birthday Party:
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
- Age: 7
- Guests: About 15 friends + one
Ooompa Loompa
- Invitations: We hand-delivered chocolate bars with golden tickets to each guest. When guests arrived at our house, we roped off the front porch so everyone was waiting outside. After the anticipation was sufficiently high, the front door opened to reveal my mom dressed as an Oompa Loompa (orange face, green hair, slightly scary). Everyone was required to present their golden tickets to be admitted to the party.
- Food: Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, everlasting gobstoppers, candy.
- Decor: We placed bowls of candy around the house and tied pillows with ribbon at either end to look like pieces of candy. We watched the movie and made ourselves sick eating candy.
- Most memorable moment: My friends' shocked faces upon seeing a real, live Oompa Loompa. Also, I have a very vivid stomach ache memory.
- Why it's a favorite: Theme parties are always fun and this has long remained one of my most memorable parties. All the little details made us feel like we were whisked away in a candy-filled fantasy world.
What movie would you base your next birthday on?

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Holly said...

Okay, first off, I can see you have been groomed from a young age to have fabulous parties. I love your mom even more after hearing that story. You have no idea!

Okay, so my themed birthday party would be based on the movie, Elvis, Blue Hawaii. First, because it was my favorite movie as a kid. I had way too many sleep overs where I made my friends watch it!

So, for starters, (just pretend Elvis was still alive, though some would argue, he is) Elvis would personally deliver (while wearing a Hawaiin shirt, and lei) the fantabulous invitition that I would hand make of course. The invitation would actually be inside a coconut, (i can't reveal the secret trick to getting it there), and Elvis would hand over the coconut, and a pina colada, and serenade them with the song, "Tiny Bubbles" while they opened it, all the while a portable bubble machine would be blowing bubbles in the background. Also, inside the coconut would be two round trip tickets to Hawaii to celebrate my birthday. I could go on and on, but this may get out of hand.

becky said...


You are a genius. I'll come to ANY party that you plan! Especially if it involves Elvis, bubbles and Hawaii!

Holly said...

I will keep that in mind...

heidi said...

gone with the wind- we would have barbeque and everyone would tell me how wonderful i am. then, when the party was over, everyone would have to say "damn" and walk out the door in a huff. and the corset would be nice, because heaven know's i need a corset.

or, the nightmare before christmas...

becky said...


Can I wear the dress made out of curtains? And can I say "Damn" more than once? Oh, and what about the accent?

Love, love, love that idea.

Don't be surprised if you guys suddenly find invitations to parties resembling these ideas from ME!

But don't be offended -- imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


eileen said...

uh-oh i just realized there was no way i am going to win your contest since i haven't actually posted any comments! (though i have been thinking about your birthday all week!)
i guess i didn't really have any crazy b-day parties...certainly not with such cool themes. if only my mom were an ompa-lompa...

as for a movie party-- alice and wonderland is always fun. though, not that original...hmmm i might have to think longer about this...even though the deadline is tomorrow!

Holly said...

Hey Becky speaking of birthdays, you should check out this blog

Nickie said...

Hi Becky, I just remembered that at the Willie Wonka party, we made raggedy hair doo dahs. We tied raggedy fabric onto covered pony tail holders. Everyone liked them except for the one girl with short hair. She made one anyway even though I offered her another idea. I think she grew out her hair just to wear it and look pretty like you. You always had matching hair doo dahs for your hair!

Nickie said...

As for a theme based movie party, I would choose Anne of Green Gables. I like it when she dyes her hair, but you already have a pioneer dress and bonnet, even with "Puffy sleeves"! I could watch that movie over and over again. For a more fun party: I choose a movie theme of Peter Pan. Then, Chris could wear his Elf suit and gold tights, and fight Captain Hook. You go Chris! Could I be Wendy (since I know how to sew) and all the kids could have captain hook toys to fight Peter Pan with. Everyone loves Chris, so what a lot of attention Chris would give the kids! Woo Hoo. Chris, come for Christmas and we'll throw the Peter Pan party. (We could have Peanut Pan Peanut Butter Sandwiches and maybe even Blueberries on a cloud. Well, maybe we'll chose a better dessert!
Love, Mom