Friday, July 11, 2008


Today is the day we've all been waiting for -- FREE SLURPEE DAY! Really, it is. What better way to celebrate 7-11?

It was tough to choose my best birthday of all time, especially since one of my top requirements for birthdays is being surrounded by loved ones and eating cake. Lucky for me, this pretty much happens every year, so I guess every birthday is my favorite in one way or another. (Except the year my boyfriend broke up with me on my birthday. Maybe next year I'll do a top five WORST birthdays countdown).

Favorite Birthday of All Time (so far):
NYC Wicked
- Age: 25
- Guests: Becky and Chris (plus a brief overnight stay in Baltimore with the AMAZING Jacksons)
- Events: Not only did we travel to New York City, we stayed in the Dream Hautel Couture (next door to P-Diddy's record label), saw Wicked on Broadway (for which I HAD TO buy an emerald green dress), shopped on Fifth Avenue, played tourist and visited the Guggenheim Museum.
- Food: We consumed all of the New York favorites (okay, not all -- we were only there for a long weekend), including cheesecake and pizza!
- Most memorable moment: First of all, I have always dreamed of going to New York City. And up until this time, I'd been obsessed with Wicked for two years (thank you Tony Awards). Chris is a rockstar and scored us tickets in the fifth row of the theatre, too. So there was a moment in the middle of the show where the music builds to a dramatic cresendo and I was five rows from the stage, in a designer dress, with my amazing husband, in New York City on Broadway. I was overwhelmed with joy as a few tears streaked my cheeks. If Oprah was describing it, she'd probably call it an "ah ha" moment, but I'd say it was just WONDERFUL!
- Why it's a favorite: Everything about that birthday was perfect. We even drove up to the city on my birthday and my phone kept ringing off the hook with birthday well-wishers. That made it special too!
Where would you go and what would you do for your dream birthday?

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Holly said...

Honestly, it wouldn't matter where I would go. As long as I was staying in a super nice ocean front place with pools (a water park close by would be nice too), with unbelievably delicious food, (all you can eat of course) surrounded by friends and family while opening the great gifts that were thoughtful, and my husband does something so fabulous for me to really surprise me, and would have a baby sitter on call so I could sit on a beach chair and do nothing, lay on a beach towel and do nothing, or go down a water slide, and boogie board in the ocean and not have to worry about watching my kids! I am pretty sure that was like the longest run on sentance ever.

Holly said...

oh yeah, I totally should have guessed this was your favorite!

Nickie said...

Hey Bec, You only had one bad birthday, so let it go, cuz now you have your wonderful Chris! Jim has another life now..... thank goodness!! Anyway, I think your #1 birthday is your best of all time! Chris is fabulous!! I'm so glad he is part of our family! I think he will take care of me in my old age even if you won't! Just kidding!
My favorite birthdays are lots of phone calls and a weeks worth of lunches with friends and thoughtful small gifts that say I love you. I wish for all my kids to live within an hour of my home so I could see them more often. Happy 27th Birthday dear daughter! Dad and I love you lots and wish you a great weekend with our favorite Chris. Love, Mom