Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Pinch me, OW, wait...guess I'm happy, not dead!

Last night I had a moment.

Actually, 90-minutes worth of moments with the legend, the master -- Mr. Neil Diamond. I clutched my heart in pure joy at least 75 times. I sang. I danced (and chair danced), Chris and I laughed so hard we cried (because at one point, he sounded exactly like this guy). I nearly collapsed in bliss after a soul-stirring encore including my favorite song on the planet: America.

If you have the chance to see Master Diamond in concert, GO! He puts on a fantastic show and he still sounds amazing.

See our Neiltastic glow?
I'm pretty sure Diamond (as he calls himself) was singing directly to me. Even in the 20,000-seat-capacity Verizon Center, seated three rows from the roof, I KNOW Diamond saw me. I felt it. (Besides, we stood out in the sea of white hair, fanny packs and generously girthed-fans.)

And although I had plans to wear sequins (I own some, so it was an option) or at the very least, my glitter shoes, I opted for my surefire stand-out weapon:Bright. Red. Lips.

And the cutest covered-button vintage rose sweater, my black rose purse, rockin' jeans and killer flats.
I can die a happy woman.

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Holly said...

Did Chris approve of you posting that picture of him? Probably a good choice not wearing the glitter heels like you had planned, I am sure your flats were much more conducive to all the dancing you did!

jen said...

I'm so jealous. After I read your post last night, I put on my Neil Diamond cds...just not the same.

Mom said...

Hey Sis, You looked fantastic with that wonderful husband at your side! I loved the roses... and I love your hair pulled back like that. Can't wait to see you over Labor Day. Mom

becky said...

Did anyone else notice how my outfit is a nod to Cracklin' Rosie Get on Board? Only me? least one of us is cool.


I keep talking about throwing a Neil party -- who wants to come?

Wendy Weiler King said...

why oh why oh why did WE not buy Neil tix and attend with you? I'm green with envy right now and full of regret!

em said...

i love your outfit! and for the record, i'm secretly a neil fan myself!

Gel said...

You look great! It looks like you had such a great time. I love the picture of Chris that is a keeper!