Tuesday, August 05, 2008

TODAY! (as sung triumphantly by Mr. Diamond in the quintessential ballad "America")

Random gleeful thoughts crossing my mind TODAY!:

"I know Mr. Diamond will sparkle on stage tonight. Maybe I should bring my shades."
"He better wear sequins."
"I should wear sequins. And fringe."
"Chris should wear sequins."
"We're coming to Neil's concert, TODAY!" (sung on repeat to the tune of "America")
"This is the pinnacle of my childhood obsession!"
"What if he doesn't wear sequins?"
"I love Neil."
"Could my life be any sweeter, Caroline?"

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jen said...

How was I neighbors with you for a year without knowing about this love? I, too, share a deep love for Mr. Diamond and his music. His "Essential Neil Diamond" 2-disc set is in constant rotation in my car. You're so lucky to see him live! Have a blast!

Nickie Fowles said...

Becky, Can't wait to hear all about it! Love, Mom