Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Lately (hectic August edition)

We've officially reached my personal threshold for consecutive trips in one month!

First we were here (twice).
Then we were

visiting one of our favorite warrior "nephews"
and shopping with 9,000 crazies.

Then I was imprisoned here for 15 hours

en route to this city for business.

Then we were here for the weekend,
looking at neighborhoods,
chilling with the fam,and checking out the new digs of the most awesome design company.

Now we're off for another weekend adventure here

for one of these.

Images via here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

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Harley King said...

I'm confused. Are you moving or not?

Jessica F. said...

Stay put already so we can finally go out!!!

Holly said...

oh my goodness, i llllooooooovvve! those shoes. I wish I had been with you in Marshalls that day!!

Gel said...

You guys travel way to much! Now how about traveling to see us!! good luck this weekend. Don't get to stressed out!

becky said...

Harley, you're among good company -- we're ALL confused!

Jessica, it's a deal!

Holly, I love YOU and I wish you were there too. But I definitely thought of you when I bought them!

Gel, I would rather visit you anytime! We need to plan a trip!