Thursday, September 04, 2008

oh my!

Wednesday nights are consistently awesome because I sing opera for an hour then treat myself to a mall visit on the way home. But last night was SUPER awesome and not because I was opera-ing in an Anthropologie dressing room with stacks of cash bulging from my pockets.

Chris and I ventured to the acclaimed
DAR Constitution Hall to check out these guys:
The venue is awesome and MMJ is definitely a band best heard LIVE. They seriously rock. I made you a crummy cell phone video for proof (please note the shadowy dude bopping uncontrollably to the tunes. I watched his incessant gyrating during at least 45 percent of the show):

I was also impressed by the lighting and found myself staring hypnotically at the strobing, multi-colored hues blazing across the stage. For your listening pleasure, "Highly Suspicious" is one of my favorite MMJ songs from their latest album Evil Urges:

And because
this morning my mom informed me that I have ESP (true story), I won't wait for you to ask what I wore: a slouchy graphic blouse, cool jeans and my searing hi-band-you-know-you-want-to-meet-me-and-give-me-a-private-concert stare.
Chris wore a plaid shirt.

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Seige said...

LOL at the plaid shirt comment.

Holly said...

okay, loved all of it. loved the guy bee bopping in your phone video, loved that you put, and chris wore a plaid shirt, loved your stare, and looooooooove flight of the conchords!!!! I think you should post its business time on your blog! We played it for John's brother. Loved it still!

Holly said...

have fun on your trip. good luck!!