Thursday, November 13, 2008

Carmen was awesome...

...except for Carmen.

My girls and I dressed up for a cultured night of opera at the Kennedy Center. There is nothing better than Bizet's famous French opera set in Seville, Spain (what? I don't get that either). And I know firsthand the enormous challenges of singing in French.

That said, our leading lady was a tad awkward -- from her dancing to her forced passion. Awkward.

The tenor, on the other hand, was AMAZING! I was in love (sorry, Chris. Not to worry, though -- it only lasted one night. You know I have a thing for singing men).

Even if you've never seen Carmen, you've likely heard the music.

Check out this recording of Maria Callas singing Habanera in 1962. This is how it's done:

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Rachel said...

I'm still so puzzled by those girls who came and only watched the second act! But it was for the best because they kept on talking...but at least they weren't humming. :)

Amy Herzog said...

I miss your voice! You have a georgous voice!
Is that corny? Probably.Do I care? Not at all! haha