Friday, November 14, 2008

Should I?

I'm honestly trying to curb my spending, particularly on frivolous items. I mean with the tanking economy and approaching holidays, 'tis the season to be saving.

That said, I'm still me. Of course I fell in love with this tartan plaid jacket last night. BUT, I didn't buy it.

So you decide. Do I buy the jacket? Why or why not?
I will not influence your decision, except to reveal this:
(Feel free to print and use the coupon this weekend.)

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Holly said...

So, of course already taken advantage of the whole friends and family yesterday and just now online. Who says little girls can only have ONE Christmas dress...? Okay, Becky did you forget the motto? When in doubt, do without. (i forgot too, hence why I have quite a few items to return to gymboree today) I say no, so Chris will be more excited about all the things you can buy after thanksgiving with me!!!!

Wendy Weiler King said...

Torn, torn, TORN! It's DARLING. And w/ 30% off, very tempting. This is where I ask myself: Is it a need or a want? Then I remember we are NIK (no income, kid) and would probably, personally, refrain.

BUT YOU... YOU are DINK! So I say, take that Double Income, No Kid and adorn your holiday self in red and black fabulousness!!!

And thanks, thanks, thanks for the coupon!!

heidi said...

how well did your sleep last night without it? if i dream about an item or couldn't sleep because i was thinking about it, that is a good indicator. however, you seem torn. is that your answer? are you just wanting to use the coupon?

Jessica said...

I totally love it....but the previous commenters have some great advice. I bought something for Matthew that he didn't necessarily "need" but it was slightly cheaper than this jacket.

Why can't adult clothes be the same amount as the kiddies? I mean, seriously! It's not fair.

Jessica F. said...

Buy, buy, buy!!! You need it! It would look really cute for the premier of you-know-what!!

Rachel said...

did you end up buying it?

becky said...

Majorly awesome update coming soon.

But ladies, your advice is awesome. Why don't you come with me every time I go shopping?

Heather M. said...

BUY IT BECKY!!! That jacket is tres tres school girl! And especially because of the coupon! Ha ha ha, do what you want!