Monday, November 17, 2008


My friend Jen posted a thought-provoking blog about having a do-over in life:

Let’s pretend that I could have a life do-over but still choose the ending. Sort of like those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books that were so popular growing up. Whenever I got to a part of the story where I had to make a decision – did I go with Stacey to explore the mysterious cave or did I stay at the entrance of the forest to be the lookout? – I kept my finger in the page so in case I made the decision that ended the story, I could easily self-correct and prolong the adventure. Wouldn’t it be great if life were that easy?
Like Jen, I would worry less about what others think and be happy for myself. In high school I would have performed (and starred!) in more musicals. During college, I definitely would have traveled abroad in Spain and backpacked across Europe. And worked harder to become a vocal major. And taken more dance classes. And allowed more boys to take me on dates (waiting for a missionary why?!?!). And eaten more chili-cheese fries.

Which life decisions would you re-do or change if you knew the end result would be the same?

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Wendy Weiler King said...

I would have spoken at my high school graduation, been an EFY counselor and dated AND KISSED more more boys.

heidi said...

*i would have said to hell with additional student loans and gone on london study abroad.
*i would have dumped my skeezy college boyfriend and not wasted 2 years on him. no lessons to be learned are THAT important.
*i would have majored in costume design and business.
*i would have started running sooner.
*and most importantly i would have picked a much prettier wedding dress. what was i thinking?

jen said...

what I think is funniest is that most women I've asked this question to said "I would have kissed more boys". It's taken so seriously when you're young and then once you're married - well, it's just kissing! It's not a big deal! I would definitely have chosen another wedding dress, too.

Holly said...


my finances

my haircut from k-4th grade

my workouts in track to see what kind of results real effort would have made

getting along better with my little sister growing up

quitting choir my senior year, and not going out for tennis and softball because of a boy.

my first kiss (blah)

part of the semester when becky and I were roommates ;)

wished I had done culinary school and taken a floral design class while john was finishing college.

becky said...

I love it -- you're all brilliant. I would join you on the kissing more boys, but I think I had that front covered. Maybe I would kiss fewer boys? Nah!

Overall, I wouldn't change that many things about my life. Except to say I would follow my heart (thanks, Napoleon) and make fewer safe choices.

becky said...

Oh, and Holly, ditto redoing our semester. :)