Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Today I'm grateful for happy little accidents

Remember the Great Jacket Indecision of '08?

I was prepared to follow all of your advice. Really. I've been (reluctantly) resisting all the
beautiful little things catching my eye this season, many of which are ON SALE. (Except for this. I'm lobbying hard, Santa!)


I took Chris to the store on the day of the sale, intending to merely show him the jacket. I tried it on and whirled a few times. We agreed it was adorable, but I found myself returning the hanger to its rack.

, Chris noticed a sign:
30% off all outerwear. "I wonder if the coupon is on top of the sale?"

I raised my eyebrows, grabbed the jacket from the rack and practically sprinted for the line. When I reached the counter, I queried the sales rep with a hope-filled voice, "Does this coupon work on top of the discount?"


My face lit up with the true of joy of a major sale. Chris nodded his approval and I quickly bought the jacket before the salesperson changed her mind.

The only difference? I chose purple.

I'm so grateful for happy little accidents.

What has been your best deal of the season?

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DC Diva said...

My story basically matches yours and IS thanks to you! I printed your 30% off coupon from your blog and went to the Gap Outlet with my sister. I found a darling white jacket (something I've been wanting for awhile) for 30% off. I, too, asked if I could have BOTH discounts and got a yes. Double score! Love it!

Jessica F. said...

I ended up with nothing for me but some ADORABLE things for out little man!!!

Love the purple...good choice!!!

Ashlee said...

The same thing happened to me!!! Retail price: $89. Purchase price: $31. Mine's in magenta. :) :) Fashion show!

becky said...

YAY for sales!

And I saw Ashlee's pink coat, people -- TRES CHIC!

Seige said...

purple is better :)