Monday, November 24, 2008

Today I'm grateful for sunsets

One of my college roommates astutely observed, "The littlest things make you so happy."

(I think she actually meant, "Becky, you're WEIRD. Why are you so excited about that stupid perfume sample?")

This week I'm celebrating the little, oft-overlooked joys of my life.

Starting with sunsets.

On the plane, over D.C.

Outside a church in Penryn, California.

(I'm also grateful for the photo quality of iPhones! Technology rocks.)

What are the little things making you happy this week?

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heidi said...

running.(sick, i know)
my babies singing in the car with me.
having a great recipe to make for dinner.
organizing shelves, closets and drawers.
unbed- that's my word verification word and it makes me smile. tomorrow instead of waking up, i will unbed myself.

becky said...


We are soul sisters. Seriously. (Except for the joy in running and the fact that I have no babies. And your cool verification word. And your general coolness). I have a giant walk-in closet and I keep it super organized. I find myself sitting on the floor, basking in its organization VERY OFTEN. :)