Thursday, December 18, 2008

The 12 Dates of Christmas -- Go with the glow!

Date 6: You saw how the Joneses (and Smiths and Warlinskis) are rolling this Christmas -- time to visit the big leagues. Go see a professional Christmas light display in your city. Whether you're in DC, SLC or NYC (or somewhere not ending in "C"), the professional lights are sure to brighten your date. (If you're desperate, lazy or desperate/lazy, visit this site for a tour of the best/tackiest houses in my neck of the woods -- no driving or warm jacket required -- thanks for the tip, Kara).

What you'll love: You'll be awed by the thousands of twinkling lights and grateful that your job merely requires you to sit behind a desk and click your mouse once in a while (no dangerous ladders involved). Besides, who doesn't look attractive admist the glow of rainbow-colored twinkling lights? Bonus: brisk temperatures requiring close bodily proximity.

Cost: FREE!
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Gel said...

I miss going to a temple with lights!! Your girl party looked like it turned out great!!! I love the idea now.. before you have your party in January I need to know the details so I can have one!! I'm having a polar express party tomorrow. I'll take lots of pictures just for you!!! Miss you