Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The 12 Dates of Christmas -- Glitter, spice...whatever you think is nice!

Date 5: Start your own homemade Christmas tradition -- gum drop wreaths, hand-crafted (yet simple) gifts, personalized Christmas decorations, baked goods -- whatever you decide, it should be made with love. Work together to figure out the perfect homespun creation; ours is candy cane fudge. We mail loads of packages across the U.S. (and Canada) to our friends and family every Christmas.

What you'll love: Traditions are romantic, trust me. Okay, maybe not exactly romantic, but it is fun to stretch your creative muscles with the one you love. Find a project that utilizes both of your talents (in the case of our fudge, Chris is the technician, I'm the master packager; we're both the tasters). Regardless of the project, you'll both feel super festive (and frisky?) after whipping up your holiday delight. And you'll look forward to the event every December.

Cost: $$$
(Mailing fudge is rewarding yet pricey, but this date can be done on the cheap.)
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Merianne said...

Dan and I are so happy to be recipients of your traditions! Like I said on my Facebook comment, we ate the whole box in one sitting. It was delicious! Thanks again!

jen said... do I get on this list? ;) Sounds delicious. My in-laws do something like this with treats inside chinese takeout boxes - peanut brittle, chocolate covered pretzels, fudge, cookies, etc. I always look forward to it.

Rachel said...

You are so amazing, I know I say it all the time but you always continue to amaze me. I LOVE all your decorations! You are so creative and you totally ALWAYS pull it off!
And I REALLY LOVE your fudge tradition. The funny thing is we have three of your little notes on our fridge from over the years. It's delicious!! Many Thanks!

Maegan said...

I confess now I ate the whole box myself. Bryan never sampled your holiday goodness and I am still not really that sorry. I am just blaming the weight and zits on pregnancy instead of my delicious fudge feast. Thanks again for thinking of us.