Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The 12 Dates of Christmas -- Winter photo shoot

Date 11: Bundle up in your warmest gloves and mittens and go on a wintry photo shoot. Take turns being the photographer and the subject, using props, settings and movement to evoke a specific mood.

What you'll love: With the sole purpose of taking cool and interesting pictures, you'll get in touch with your inner top model and photo director. Experiment with lighting, shooting from different angles and capturing parts of the face or body. You'll love (and maybe hate) seeing yourself through the lens of your loved one. When you're finished, comb through the pictures for your favorites, make prints and add them to a special place in your house.

Cost: FREE!
(Optional prints will be a few dollars).
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Morgan said...

Yes, those are feathers... so fun and easy to make. Your blogs cute-- I like your 12 days of Christmas ideas.