Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Woo hoo you're 32: How we kept it real on hot husband's birthday

My hot (SMOKIN' HOT) husband turned 32 yesterday. We celebrated with sushi, balloons, an ice cream cake, ice cream (yes both), blood orange soda (our fave), Yes Man (funny-ish) and clothes (unfortunately for Chris, I always seem to gift attire -- I guess I just give what I'd want to receive).

Without further ado, check out my gorgeous husband on his big day! He doesn't look a day over 25!

Presents in bed -- clearly I'm in need of more masculine and mature gift wrap!

Balloons (to counteract the Christmas decorations).
I made Chris an arrangement for his desk. He used it as a beard.

SUSHI! Super, super yummy (especially the crispy eel!)

Chris obviously hated it...

Modeling the new birthday shirt -- his true feelings bubbled to the surface.
Still so handsome!
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oh amanda said...

Merry Birthday! It's my husband's birthday today. And my mom's is tomorrow!

Sounds like it was a fun one!

Alex M. said...

Hehe Sushi ROCKSZZZ!!!!!
Merry christmas Becky and Chris!

Gel said...

Happy Birthday We are so sorry we haven't called to sing to you yet! Things have been a little crazy this week!!