Tuesday, December 09, 2008

"I'm stronger than I thought I was."

Last night was Movie Monday (in lieu of Theatrical Thursday) and in the midst of dinner (barbeque bacon cheese burgers -- YUM!), Candy Cane Kisses (have you tried these?) and a screening of the ever-festive Elf, we all learned a little something about ourselves.

Chris learned to retreat to his studying lair when the conversation veered toward the inevitable.

Rachel learned that she loves bacon (turkey bacon, no less) cheese burgers.

Bethany learned the appeal of the inside of her eyelids.

Becky (like someone we know) learned she was stronger than she thought she was. She did, after all, resist yet another viewing of the favorite movie.

That didn't stop us from looking up movie times and indulging in a little YouTube obsessing:
(P.S. Check out Rachel's awesome picture on her blog!)

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Rachel said...

I LOVE that you used that quote. "Wish I could say the same..."

Yeah for Movie Mondays! I heard today that we MUST watch Planes, Trains, and Automobiles...apparently it is crazy funny.

thanks again for leading me down the path of bacon love.

becky said...

You haven't seen it? It's a John Candy/Steve Martin CLASSIC! Hilarious -- we're adding it to the agenda. :)

Jessica F. said...

You have more fun than anyone else I know!!!!
I can't wait for tonight!!!

mom said...

I know we can't do anything about Becky adding our pictures and etc. to her blog, but honestly, I hope she doesn't encourage you to really sport a mullet as is seen on Wickstrom Family Adventures. I'm not so sure it is that flattering! Just an honest opinion! Love, Nickie