Monday, March 09, 2009

Belated, but still a good idea!

I mailed my loved ones ENORMOUS custom valentines this year after being inspired by the UBER creative Jordan.

I printed my sentiments on regular old computer paper then employed my local Kinko's to blow them up to poster size (3'x4'). I folded the posters, tied them with red grosgrain ribbon, attached pink hearts and voila! Love was in the mail.
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aniC said...

mine must still be in the mail.

i had a dream about you sunday night. crazy huh? kinda long, but i'll try to shorten it. you were a choir director, and you really wanted me to be in your choir (i dont know why) but you hated me and i hated you. but you wanted my voice (still..i dont know why). at our performance, everyone in the choir was dressed up really pretty and i came in...coincidentally, what i was sleeping in. black yoga pants and a monsters inc. t-shirt. you were really mad, but didnt want me to not sing, so you let me go up like that anyways.
the end (c:

DC Diva said...

Best part=right alignment ;)

Love them!

Holly said...

and I love you more than a new platter, a new trifle bowl, and new ramekins (which I really do need)!

Sterling said...
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Sterling said...

Loved it! And LOVE you more that I love Rob!!!!

Jessica F. said...

That last comment was me...not Sterling! Although he thinks you are fabulous, he doesn't love Rob!