Thursday, March 19, 2009

modus operandi

What's your family motto?

Is having a motto lame? Be honest. Is it like wearing matching t-shirts so you can find each other at Disneyworld? (Is that lame too? Uh oh.)

(Also, what's your take on family goals? We set one last year to add SNAPING as emphasis in our conversations. If you've been around either Wickstrom lately, you know we've accomplished this goal in a big way!)

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jen said...

our family motto is "don't get mad, get naked."...of course, that might change after we have kids. For now it's an incredibly effective way to end arguments. hee hee.

Holly said...

I love family mottos. I've always wanted to do a family mission statement. The motto I love is, "Good, Better, Best."

I just watched the come what may mormon minute two days ago on You Tube. So wonderful.

Post Script: I love the snaps!

Jessica F. said...

I LOVE family mottos! Sometimes they are the only way to get through things. We have had one at times and it has changed. I am ready for something permanent!

aniC said...

oh how i love you.

we don't have a family motto, but i'm thinking its time to come up with one.

i'm thinking something like "the wife is always right" would be good one.

Holly said...

I forgot to mention. I can totally see you guys saying,

"Come what may, and love it" followed by a SNAP!

Lorie said...

I don't think it is lame at all! And if you have ever been to Disneyland and lost a kid you won't think wearing the same colored shirt is lame either! ;D

And that quote is one of my favorites! Such a great conference talk by him. So sad it was his last, but am glad that his last was so memorable!