Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm not cutting onions -- I'm just a bit misty!

Saturday was a BIG day for Team Wickstrom -- Chris graduated from law school.

Wait, did you hear me?



I'm so proud. And doesn't he look handsome in that purple velvet robe and octagon hat?
Chris' parents and sibs traveled from Connecticut to celebrate.
(Chris looks so happy in this picture. I think he really liked the hat.)

My parents came too -- and kept everyone laughing! (P.S. Self, BAD PICTURE.)

Selected sibs (aka BFFs and their adorable kids) joined the fiesta too.

Chris and John are definitely brothers from another mother. I love this picture!

Congratulations, Chris!
You're all grown up now (but still as handsome as ever)!


Holly said...

so cute!! so proud. :)

Holly said...

post script: love the FOTC title

Rachel said...

Congratulations Wickstroms! That is a huge accomplishment!! I love the last pic of Chris, so cute!

Andrea Marie Photography said...

Congratulations chris!!!!!! Gosh, I seriously can't believe you guys are done with Law School. Couldn't you have dragged it out longer for my sake?!?! I'm totally hunting you down in SLC if we end up there (likely).

DC Diva said...

Wait... is this a venue in which I can compliment Chris WITHOUT him changing the subject? I think it is...

Chris -- WAY TO GO!! This is a MAJOR accomplishment. Seems like just yesterday you were studying for that little patent law test (after saving my life, of course) at Badger's cabin and now you're studying for the bar! And you already have a GREAT -- no, DREAM job lined up w/ your besties. You must be doing something right. Congratulations Esquire!!! And btw, Harley and I honestly think you're one of THE nicest guys we know. Seriously.

Becky -- congrats on graduating from Law School Widow University. You worked hard and passed with flying colors.

And is that a birdie on your shoulder? ;) Why do none of these pictures show the shoes we plotted?

Gel said...

Congrats to both of you!! My favorite is the hat. I laughed so hard when Tyler had to wear that... they are so in style!!
Call me when u get settled in Utah and can breathe!!

Jessica F. said...

Such a proud day. I totally cried! To think how hard they worked, and Chris did all this for a whole year more... AMAZING!

Can we freaking play soon?

How are the Bonsai going to travel?

Kara said...

Felicitaciones Chris! You look stellar in that octagonal hat! How did you feel sporting the velvet robe? Muy importante? (I don't know what's up w/ my affinity towards spanish today)

Becky- loved the final dress selection...a pure spring sensation with little birds to boot. So sad we missed the Friday night shindig. I'm sure it was nothing short of fabulous.

You two will be sorely missed by the Manns. Love you!