Friday, May 01, 2009

OVERHEARD: husbands sharing their innermost feelings (aka hazards of a busy work/school schedule)

Husband 1:
Sit down for this...

I think our wives are having an affair. With the way my wife talks about your wife, and the passionate comments they leave on each other's blogs about fashion, friends and fabulousness...there's got to be something going on there.

Why can't we be everything they need?

Husband 2:
I hate to say it, but I think you're right. Maybe we need to set up an intervention. I tried to keep them from meeting each other, but they found each other through the blogosphere.

As long as we maintain these hectic schedules, we are doomed to remain second best in their complicated love lives. It's a tragic tale indeed.

P.S. Husbands rock! (But so do girl's nights with awesome ladies. And GIRL CRUSHES ARE THE BEST!)

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Anonymous said...

Those are some awesome husbands. They look and sound very intelligent. Their wives should be more adoring.

Holly said...

i can picture both husbands having that conversation. pretty hilarious!

becky said...

Dear "Anonymous,"

On the one hand you're right: those are some seriously awesome husbands.

But you're also wrong: it sounds like the wives are pretty adoring. To each other.


DC Diva said...

No, you did not just post this.


@ Anonymous: so THAT'S why you're dragging Becky away on TWDOML. To keep her away from me. You are JEALOUS. And leaving BECAUSE OF IT. Suddenly it's all so clear.

We can fight it out tonight. Over cupcakes. In Georgetown.

Kara said...

I've got a girl crush on you both, so where does that put me? Lowly third-wheel, or likely candidate for menage-a-trios?

Rachel said...

YES!!!!! TURQUOISE SHOES! I knew you could do it!

becky said...

Kara, let's just say you're NOT the third wheel! ;)