Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Um, not to sound arrogant, but I TOLD YOU SO!

Remember how Becky's Picks recently awarded Ray's Hell Burgers 6/5 glorious stars?

And remember how I've personally converted (aka consumed burgers with) more than 50 people to it's deliciousness (not to mention the masses who tried the burgers on their own because of my recommendation, er, peer pressuring)?

I think we've uncovered two very famous readers of this blog, who obviously trust my expert opinion:
More on the Presidential luncheon here.

And for all you unbelievers, remember this incident the next time you see Becky's Picks!

Images via here, here and here.

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Ming said...

Love it! You clearly know how to pick 'em!!

Kara said...

Who knew the president would be taking hints from Mrs. Wickstrom?

Next thing you know, he and Joe will be hanging around Georgetown Cupcakes, indulging in Chocolate3 and Toffee Crunch!

"When they come, I'll be ready."
-Kevin, Home Alone

aniC said...

well obviously they read your blog and trust you. who wouldn't?! i should have trusted you sooner. now when i try to go get a burger there, there's going to be a line for miles. dang obama and biden!

Jessica F. said...

I totally thought of you when I saw that on Drudge.

What will we see the President doing next... watching Twilight maybe?!?

Rachel said...

I love this! and I love Jessica's comment about Twilight--briliant!!!

Holly said...

cute shoes today!!