Monday, May 11, 2009

Why can't all mail be so charming?

I ordered something from one of my favorite sites -- It's brimming with talented artists and creative souls offering unique handmade gifts and treasures.

UK illustrator Heidi Burton sent my purchase in this happy envelope and it totally made my day! I'm resolving to make my letters more cheerful -- from the outside in!

Heidi's pictures are so quirky and charming!

Spoontang Clan print - $25 (reminds me of Chris and his friend John!)

P.S. Did you know my awesome friend Holly has an Etsy shop? Check her out here.

Print Page


Holly said...

I love these pictures! New fav. seller! Thanks for the shout out!!

Alex M. said...

I love your friend's cute!

Holly said...

thank you alex m.!

Heather 'n Jay said...

I don't get it. But you're cooler than I am. My sister has an etsy business - wishy watchy. Check it out and do a review.