Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Alright, the honest truth

This post was originally titled "In the Toilet: Ameri..."

But I can't do it. Not right now.

I've been in a major funk since the move. Since before the move, even. And because of the funk (the feeling, not the music), I've tuned out of life. Isn't that lame?

On Friday night we spent four hours driving past houses and dreaming. Suddenly these big heavy clouds heaved overhead and a swirling puff of wind blew the trees in 100 directions. Big drops of rain splattered on the windshield; jagged lightning sparked overhead. And just as we drove by a house on our "yes, please" list, a glimmer of sun shot through the clouds. The sky electrified with a vibrant rainbow, the kind where you can see every color, even indigo.

For me, it was a promise that the funk is lifting. That life will resume. That I'm ready to check back in.

And that, although "fashionably" late, the American Idol finale is coming.

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DC Diva said...

Welcome back, my friend. We've missed you.

Kara said...


p.s. Was the storm clearing and the perfect rainbow a sign from above that the house was "the one"? If so, post pics!

Holly said...

I thought the same as Kara. Was it a sign? Welcome back from funky town... :)

Alex M. said...

Love the earrings on yesterday's outfit!

Rachel said...

Secret Confession: I don't read your blog for American Idol fashion.

I love you.

Moving/starting over is hard...but it's only going to go up from here!