Friday, July 10, 2009


Broken Record Becky says:
"Enter the BIG BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY by clicking on the cupcake over there

I obviously love birthdays -- imaging how I would celebrate if I had unlimited funds, choosing presents (both realistic and fantasy -- or maybe just fantasy) and picking out the perfect cake (YUM!).

But Helen Keller once said,

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart."
I keep these words of wisdom prominently displayed on my fridge.

Because as fun as it is to indulge in expensive daydreams, it's better to get a thoughtful e-mail from a friend. Or a voicemail with an off-key rendition of the birthday song. Or the perfect card from someone who knows you ridiculously well. Or an ice cold grapefruit Izze soda from your husband because he knows it's your favorite. Or a genuine hug and the whispered words, "I love you!"

I'm excited for all of those little things! It makes getting one year older a tiny bit less traumatizing.

BUT, if you had to choose a fantasy birthday activity and gift, what would it be?

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Nickie said...

A fantastic wonderful gift for me would be twins or possibly triplets for Becky and Chris!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would say: "Happy Birthday" to me!! Love, Mom

Holly said...

I'll second that emotion!

aniC said...

an unexpected visit to ireland. definitely a birthday gift of my dreams. but i'd just be happy with an unexpected trip to ANYWHERE at this point!

Janessa Taylor said...

Ooooh I love grapefruit...I think I need to try that soda--LOVE Black Cherry Fresca, you? So, my husband is surprising me for my birthday tomorrow--don't know what we're doing yet :)

What would a great gift be though?

An iPhone probably. But then I'd probably drop it and break it. Ok then, so MAC eyeshadows--they're the best.