Wednesday, July 08, 2009

BIRTHDAY WEEK: Can I please get some commiseration?

First thing's first:
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It all started with the words, "I want to take you to dinner for your birthday." I was turning 18. We'd been dating for two years. And although teenage romance is turbulent by nature, we were going through a relatively calm and happy spell. We were so in love.

If this had been any other birthday, I would have had to reschedule our dinner plans. My celebrations always lasted at least a full week and often involved elaborate parties (see examples here, here, here and here). But with my mom away at Girl's Camp and my friends otherwise disposed, we set out on the birthday date.

So there we were, munching on sweet and sour chicken, when out of the blue he said, "I think we should see other people. I want to break up."

I was stunned.

"Really?" I choked on a bite of chicken.

I wanted to scream, BUT IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!

He simply nodded. We ate in silence. Then, walking me to his truck after the depressing meal, he offered to take me to get ice cream.

Too stunned to decline, I agreed and we ate our ice cream on the sidewalk in the sweltering summer night heat.

Then he suggested mini golf. I numbly played along.

Three hours later, he dropped me off on my doorstep and wished me a happy birthday.

It was, hands down, the WORST birthday of my life. Even thinking about it makes me mad! Good thing I gave Chris my hand in marriage and him the "Dear John."

Your turn -- what was your worst birthday ever?

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Holly said...

how come i have never heard that story?????

worst birthday ever? i can't remember... probably the ones where i had to do relay for life during?

DC Diva said...

WHAT??? The date that was really a break-up just KEPT GOING? Marathon BREAK-UP date???


Jessica said...

That sounds awful! What a punk!

My worst birthday 18th...September 11, 2001. How could I even celebrate on a day like that??

Kara said...

Uck. Chris was a much better pick, my dear. I can't believe you just kept going along with the date!!!

Rachel said...

hahahahahahaha. that is RIDICULOUS! I might use this as new material, though. wow. continuing break-up date.

jen said...

my worst 17th. thought my mom was taking me shopping but instead took me on a drive and told me that she and my dad were separating. thanks, mom!
fortunately, the last 11 birthdays have all been MUCH better. :)
i like your breakup story. I would have cried for weeks and/or punched the guy in the stomach.

Krista said...

Wow, I know that guy and you did well with marrying Chris!
My worst birthday was my 18th. My family forgot about it. That evening I reminded them and we ended up going out to dinner at "Cowboy Grub" and to a drive in move with my family. I saw lots of my friends there and it was embarassing to be there with the whole fam!

Kelsey said...

I was soooooo happy the day I found out you were marrying Chris. After witnessing your freshman year turbulent relationship with the rude truck driver mentioned in this story (post "break-up" i'm assuming), Chris was (and still is) angelic!

Worst b-day...probably around age 8 or 9 when I had a sleepover and some of my mean friends woke up a nice neighbor friend in the middle of the night and told her there was a tornado (hence the darkness) and that she needed to pack and go home. She was almost out the door when she saw a clock and realized it was a prank. I didn't find out until the next morning and was so sad for her. Little girls can be so evil when they're not being good!

Anonymous said...

That was the worst birthday, Becky. I remember coming home from camp to find you a little hysterical, but I want to tell your friends that you recovered well, as you had tons of friends that were happy about the break up so they could have fun with you and not so called truck guy. You were so much happier without him. Thank you Chris for joining our family! We love you!!!!!!! Mom

Alex M. said...

That reallllyyyy stinks! And 18, that's a BIG birthday! I bet Chris is much better then that dingdong!

I am LoW said...

Chiming in late....

My 17th. My family forgot it because they were so focused on my sister's wedding.

They should make a movie on this topic. :)