Tuesday, July 07, 2009

BIRTHDAY WEEK TIP: Dazzle them with the wrap!

As promised, I'm sharing my best birthday ideas this week.
But, first, enter the BIG BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY by clicking on the cupcake:

Anyway, I come from a long line of gift wrappers -- my grandma, my mom, my aunt. All of these talented ladies taught me the power of a well-wrapped gift.

But sometimes killer wrapping is more than a frilly luxury -- it's critical. After all, the last thing a lame gift needs is lame wrapping.

Even if the gift is the opposite of lame, the wrapping can make it shine. Check out my birthday gift to the ever-amazing Rachel:

(Hot husband, Kara, Birthday Girl and Wendy -- fabulous and very missed D.C. bffs!)

I presented Rachel with her very own "Man-catching Birthday Beauty Kit." Fun idea, yes. But more fun after I got creative with the gift labels:
The gift was actually pretty boring -- body wash, shampoo, conditioner, lip gloss, nail polish, a Coldstone Creamery gift card, but the "Man-catching" labels made it a lot more fun. And after all, that's what counts, right?

What do you do to make your gifts extra special?

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Holly said...

I've always loved wrapping gifts, though they aren't always spectacular looking like yours!!!

Rachel said...

Is it awkward if I comment on how hot Chris looks in that picture?

You are the best. Thanks again for the GREAT gift. Still trying to find a guy worthy of sharing my coldstone with. :)

Alex M. said...

What an adorable gift! Well for my best friend's last birthday I got her exactly what she had pointed out to me the week before when we were shopping together...she was pretty happy!

Harley King said...

I make gifts special by never giving them. That way, when I give them, they're really, really special.

Kara said...

Your presents are always darling! Cute picture, too, except that I look like a Mormon mom with flood pants. Can I make it known right now I was not wearing flood pants?

Presents are always made special with a little (or a lot) of specialty ribbon. MmmHmmm.

oh amanda said...

I'm so with you on the gift-wrapping. It is CRUCIAL. My hubby's fam is the opposite...they do NO bows and write their names with Sharpie on the paper. *gasp*

Did you see my gift-wrap bow on my blog? I only link to it b/c I know that you would truly appreciate it!