Friday, July 31, 2009

What Heather's Wearing NOW!

Heather, my first What Not to Wear victim, is learning to mix and match her glorious wardrobe. Most of her pants are still being tailored (a must, ladies), but she's embracing the new -- but still very "Heather" -- look! Here's what she wore this week:A colorful printed top (a bit out of her fashion comfort zone but too chic to resist) with a high, defined waist, paired with dark trouser jeans and suede camel wedges. A basic, yet detailed (making it a bit more fashionable) knit brown tee with cotton khakis and brown patent leather flats. Heather had been wearing these pants with heels (in preparation for a flood?), but she learned about where your pants should hit your shoes (the hem should graze the bottom of the shoe's heel). Black 1960s-inspired swing sweater paired with a basic white tee, trouser jeans and the BARGAIN of our shopping experience: $20 Banana Republic heels (they were originally $120!).
Heather pulled off Friday casual chic in her gray twist-front shirt (that emphasizes the narrowest part of her torso), a red cami underneath (adding a pop of color) and jeans. Perfect!

Doesn't she look AWESOME?!

Stay tuned for some shopping FAQs about our What Not to Wear experience. And some tips for adding style and polish to your everyday wardrobe.

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Holly said...

so impressed. the shoes are all fun!!

annmariego said...

Bec, Will you come with Heather and Jay next time they visit Chicago? I feel like you are my friend too after hearing Heather talk about you and all of you adventures together.


Andrea Marie Photography said...

She looks amazing! She is so lucky to have your help. And I can't believe she got those BR shoes for so cheap! No fair!

Holly said...

love those pink flats today! are those THE pink ones you were telling me about?