Friday, August 07, 2009

Becky's Picks: Bacon-wrapped dough

It's high time we talk about something savory on this blog! How about a bacon pouch to encase your mounds of dough? (Even better if it came pre-packed with the dough!)
My rating: 4/5 stars

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Nickie said...

Sorry, but that is really wierd. I know you like bacon and most all that is related, but a wallet????? Hmmmm. I love my Hobo wallet just fine thank you. Love, MOm

Alex M. said...

It's awesome. I saw this bacon flavored chapstick at Urban Outfitters and almost got it for you...but then I realized I didn't have your address!! Haha maybe if they still have it....miss you!

Andrea Marie Photography said...

Omigosh, I already have that wallet!

just kidding ; )

aniC said...

perfect, i'm in the market for a new wallet.

Harley King said...

I'll take a pound of that.

PS I think these people have been reading Misadventures.

Alex M. said...

PS (pretty late but..) I almost bought you that wallet at this boutique...but you already know that because I texted you :)!