Thursday, June 08, 2006

Wicked Rad

I cannot wait any longer. I was going to surprise everyone (ironic, you'll see), but I'm already counting the seconds until my birthday. It's not that I'm particularly thrilled to turn 25, it's just that Chris spilled the beans on how we're celebrating.

So...drum roll please...we're seeing Wicked on Broadway!!!!!!! And I don't mean a repeat of our Fall driveby:

If you haven't seen it, GO. NOW. Drop everything you are doing. Pawn off your car or classic records. Buy tickets. See it, love it!

Below is the copy of an e-mail to a friend and fellow Wicked lover. I was feeling very clever (if you don't get it, you need to see the musical. TODAY!)

Me: So, Chris spilled the beans on what we’re doing for my bday! And I’m freaking out!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have one guess. And yes, I am searching for an emerald dress!!!!

Wicked Fan #2: No way! Could you possibly be going to the most swankified place in town?!

Me: Um…YES!!!!! We’ve got 5th row tickets.

Since hearing the news I feel as though I’m defying gravity. I’m trying to curb my loathing toward the one-month wait, but Chris has become the most popular person in our family! I have the distinct impression that because I know Chris, I’m changed for good, especially considering this gigantic surprise. As long as he’s mine, I’ll spend the rest of my time dancing through life.

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Rachel said...

Oh - I am so jealous!! I want to go!!