Tuesday, October 10, 2006


TRADITIONSSince moving to our new apartment, we've, er Taylee, started a new tradition. Whenever our favorite neighbors come over, it's fudgsicle time (don't worry, they're sugar-free)!!! I think it goes without saying that Addie loves this idea just as much as her older sister!

Trevan almost passed up the chance to open his birthday present from Auntie Becky and Uncle Chris...almost. Although he was tempted to forego the gift and watch Sons of Provo (who can blame him, really), he finally consented.And once he figured out that we bought him his very own slinky dog (we can totally appreciate this kid's affinity for Toy Story), all was right in the world!
Don't worry. We listened to the talks. We also ate. A LOT! And stayed in our PJs. In between sessions of General Conference, we checked Fantasy Football scores and played "Rock-'em-Sock-'em" (best 45 cents I ever spent!). Thank heavens for cable!
Yep - that's Chris lounging in our brand new Craigslist leather chair. Click here for details.

HIDEOUS BLUE DRESSESI told you they are ugly. I'm sparing you the extent of the fright-inducing powder blue monstrosities by posting this faraway, slightly blurry photo. Trust me--they're scary. But my first performance with the MCW was pretty fun.

Random photo explanation: Chris took this picture for Tyler because the sign says "Tyler Room." I would just like to know what exactly goes down in the "Tyler Room." Is it Tyler as in Stephen Tyler? Mary Tyler-Moore? Everyone named Tyler gets half-priced drinks on Tuesdays at noon? Only those searching for ancestors by the name of Tyler can do their genealogy here? Many more questions than answers...

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Holly ( i would have put my cool nickname, but oh yeah, never got one good enough, i.e CLOGGER) said...

sooooo...thanks for posting that ever so beautiful pic. of me. I know everyone in America (or at least everyone that views your blog)could do without that particular photo. But so fun of cute little Trevan.