Tuesday, July 31, 2007

INSPIRATION (My TRUE love, besides Chris)

I don't want you to think I only like paper and words (no offense paper and words). I also LOVE music (clearly) and color and a lot of other things (fresh basil? YES!!!). But the thing I love maybe even more than air or water or even LIFE ITSELF (p.s. I also like drama): CLOTHES.

I LOVE clothes. I love, love, LOVE them. A lot. Really a lot. I love them enough that I remember the outfit I wore on the first day of kindergarten (black mini jeanskirt with pink and turquoise roses and a matching cropped jean jacket. I'm pretty sure the coordinating shoes were also turquoise). I love them enough that I deem my closet a place of solace and I go there to find peace. I love them enough that I name designers when I watch TV. (Insiders tip: Never, EVER watch What Not to Wear with me. I will not SHUT UP about how much I love Stacey's outfits and about how I so should be a host on that show because clearly I own most of the clothes they recommend. And I'll blab about my large repertoire of snarky one-liners and zingers with which to keep pace with the fabulous Clinton Kelly. Ahem, producers, HIRE ME! You won't be sorry.)

If I were to post every piece of clothing which inspires me (and is
thus permanently forged on my never-ending list of must-buys), the contents could not be contained herein. This does not, however, mean the contents could not be contained in my closet -- I can make room, Chris; you're not off the hook!

Since my affection for clothing is so deep and abiding, it seems unfair to highlight an occasional shirt or jacket as inspiration. How would I explain it to the others (apparently I also love clothes so much that I refer to them as animate objects)? But when do I ever follow my self-imposed blogging rules? Why do I feel the need for said rules anyway? (Self! We need to talk!)

Now you know -- I think clothes are FABULOUS (I'm also inspired by the word fabulous -- ask Heather, but when you do, make sure you have 10 extra minutes to compensate for her unrestrained laughter at the question itself).

So I present, for your viewing pleasure, one of the many objects of my inspiration(/desire/adoration/obsession):
I know it's just a jacket, but did you notice it's INDIGO? Indigo -- the "I" in ROYGBIV (rainbows, remember?) and the inky marriage of my beloved navy and favorite purple. Also, it's a very fine-wale corduroy. And check out the feminine details (waist tie, ruffled button placket and collar, princess seaming, a-line construction).

Perhaps my favorite thing about this fabulous inky jacket is the fact it looks INCREDIBLE on me. It was made for me! Thus, I must own it! I WILL OWN IT!

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