Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday: Concrete Chic

It's raining (not men, unfortunately. Although, for the record, that scenario presents more than a few logistical problems. Are we talking full-sized men? Would there be more than, say, 15 falling at once and from how high? Also, who's screening the participants?).

If you don't already know, here's the

Now, for the what:

Concrete Chic

- black nosegay (flower) studs
- smoky gray silk cap sleeve blouse (with black cami for extra coverage)

- matching tonal shall-collar cardigan wit
h wide waist tie
- wide leg cuffed black trousers

- classic pointy-toe black pumps

- soft curls (it's raining -- no use attempting to tame the mane)

As an added bonus, check out what a patent agent who works at home wears:
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